I know I personally go through hell and high waters to get my hair to do what I want it to do. But, honestly some of my best hairdos have come out of trial and errors. I see one style attempt it and then it doesn’t come out how I want it. Try it again and it’s a little better third time I accept it not going to be 100% how I want it but I end up liking it and rocking it. 

I’ve been natural for a very long time, HOWEVER I didn’t start taking care of my hair properly until just recently after one of my aunts passed away. Don’t ask me how it goes hand and hand it just clicked for me and stuck. SO, it’s only been about a good three months for me since I’ve been treating my hair daily and. Right now I’m not seeing the BAM my hair is long flowing locks lol but I do see the difference from a few months ago. Still within the training process so I see the curls now its just to keep them lasting for more than a few hours or a day. 

I need patience, which I’m slowly getting, tomorrow I’ll be doing a protein pack so best of luck on that, 

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